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About Us


Empowering industry-ready techno-management leaders for a thriving Nation, built on integrity, innovation, and social responsibility.


Bridging the gap between academia and industry through pioneering techno-management education, collaborative research, and ethical value-based leadership development.

About Us
About Us


  • Respect and Dignity Fostering an environment where individuals are valued for their unique contributions and empowered to reach their full potential.


    Equitable and Ethical Conduct Upholding the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and integrity in all our interactions.


    Unwavering Dedication Building a culture of unwavering commitment to our mission, stakeholders, and community.


    Inclusive Progress Embracing diversity and fostering a space where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute to collective progress.


    Discipline and Accountability Cultivating a culture of self-regulation, personal responsibility, and ownership of outcomes.


    Empowered Delegation Building a decentralized network of accountable leaders, leveraging collaboration for effective decision-making.


    Sustainable Impact Championing social responsibility and ethical practices, driving positive change beyond organizational boundaries.


    Empathetic Service Applying our resources with understanding and dedication to serve individuals and organizations effectively.


    Pioneering Solutions Cultivating a spirit of creativity and innovation, continuously seeking better ways to learn, lead, and contribute.


    Fulfilling Excellence Striving for excellence in all we do, finding joy in continuous learning and development.


The Mission, Vision and Values reflect IIPM's unique position in the educational landscape. They can serve as guiding principles for all entities within IIPM, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and ethical leadership.

The Vision incorporates the three key elements: IIPM's business (techno-management education), its purpose (empowering leaders), and its value system (integrity, innovation, and social responsibility). It is achievable near foreseeable future by focusing on impactful programs and partnerships.

The Mission clearly outlines the means to attain the vision through pioneering education, collaborative research, and value-based leadership development.

The Values are phrased with an emphasis on professionalism, commitment, and ethical conduct. At IIPM, we weave integrity, innovation, and social responsibility into the fabric of everything we do, nurturing ethical leaders who bridge the gap between academia and industry for a thriving future.

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