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In the heart of knowledge, the IIPM Library stands as a sanctuary of enlightenment. A haven where pages whisper wisdom, and every book is a portal to a world waiting to be explored. Here, the magic of learning unfolds, and curiosity finds its greatest ally. The IIPM Library, where dreams are nurtured, and minds take flight.

Knowledge Center

Instruction To Be Followed

  • Silence and Respect: Maintain a quiet atmosphere within the library to provide an environment conducive to study. Respect the needs of others who are engaged in research or studying.
  • Cell Phone Etiquette: Keep mobile phones on silent mode or vibrate to avoid disturbances. If a call is necessary, step outside the library to avoid disruption.
  • Borrowing Policies: Adhere to the borrowing and return policies. Return borrowed materials on time to ensure fair access for all users.
  • Library Hours: Be aware of the library's operating hours and plan your visit accordingly. Respect closing times to allow staff to carry out necessary tasks.
  • No Food or Drinks: To maintain a clean and pest-free environment, avoid bringing food or drinks into the library.
  • Use of Personal Devices: Use personal electronic devices with headphones to prevent disturbing others. Keep volumes at a level that doesn't disrupt those around you.
  • Respect Library Staff: Follow instructions and guidance provided by library staff. They are there to assist and ensure a smooth library experience for everyone.
  • Proper Handling of Materials: Treat library materials with care. Do not mark, underline, or damage books. Report any damage discovered while using library resources.
  • Group Study Areas: Utilize designated group study areas for collaborative work and discussions. Keep noise levels appropriate for the shared space.

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