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  • Students should be aware that actual placements depend upon the general economic and industry scenario, the academic and non-academic competencies including good soft skills competency developed by each student as well as the cultural fit of a student vis-a-vis the company, as determined by the recruiters.
  • While every effort will be made to enable each student to compete effectively for various positions offered by companies, the actual conversion of the opportunity into a concrete placement is the sole responsibility of the student. The university, therefore, does not guarantee that a particular student will be placed for final or summer internship irrespective of the student's performance parameters.
  • The major components of the placement (summer or final) process, generally speaking, are Written Online Test, G.D, Personal Interview, Personality Profiling etc. Apart from thorough domain knowledge, recruiters expect students to be updated on current affairs on national and international developments, especially those affecting the economy and the impact of such issues on the industry or business for which the recruitment is taking place (the ability to connect the dots).
  • The recruiter expects to see the depth of understanding, analytical skills and originality in student responses, whether it be GD or Personal Interview. Needless to add that a good CGPA and proficiency in some extracurricular activity such as active club participation will be a very valuable add-on for the student. Students should try to upgrade themselves through extensive reading, especially of financial and general newspapers, besides the study of the course curriculum. Last but not the least, they are required to upgrade by regularly attending the class Lectures, Guest Lectures, Workshops and Seminars organized by IIPM to provide value to future employers.
  • Students are supposed to keep in mind that the companies are looking for proactive, energetic, diligent, well-rounded personalities who have indisputable integrity. The students should keep in mind that the recruiter likes to consider the candidates who are genuinely interested and highly motivated for the job being offered. The students need to exhibit the above attributes through their verbal and non-verbal communication and positive attitude. IIPM will encourage and assist all students to emerge as credible brands in their own right who are sought after by the corporates.

  • The aim is to enable students to transfer their analytical, integrative, team play etc. skills honed in the classroom to the workplace, as well as to understand the complexities of the corporate world first hand.
  • To train students to focus on a selected topic/field (micro and not macro themes) using quantitative/qualitative measurement tools to organize and analyze data while intensely focusing on the topic to arrive at a conclusion about the issue or problem.
  • To provide opportunities for networking with people who matter in industry/corporates/ organizations.
  • To aim at the acquisition of pre-placement offers wherever feasible and appropriate.
  • Recruiters attach great significance to the Summer Internship Project Report in the final placement interview and in-depth questions about it can be expected. Hence, the Project Report should be perceived as a critical tool which signals a student's potential to the recruiter. IIPM expects every student to take this activity seriously and turn in an excellent Project Report at the end of the internship which may enhance the student's chances of placement.


The duration of summer internship is 45 days.

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