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INSITU Balancing

Balancing - It is a technique for determining the amount and location of heavy spot and applying correction weight.

Insitu Balancing - The process of balancing a part without taking it out of the machine is called in - situ or field balancing. It eliminates costly, time consuming disassembly and prevents the possibility of damaging the rotor during its removal.

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Benefits of Balancing:

  1. Reduced vibration
  2. Reduced wear
  3. Reduced stress/fatigue
  4. Reduced noise
  5. Increased efficiency
  6. Increased accuracy
  7. Increased Machine life

The Scopes of Our Services Are As Follows:

  • Site Observation – Measurements at various Points, different Directions and different Modes as individual M/C Site Condition demands - capture of Pictorial Clues to relate Site evidence.
  • Consultants will carry 1 high-ended Vibration data collector cum Analyser cum in-situ Dynamic Balancer
  • Consultant will have preliminary discussion with site Officials after Vib. Monitoring both decoupled & coupled condition of Motor.
  • Determination of trial weight.
  • Determination of Corrected weight.
  • Determination of corrected weight angle.
  • Our Charges include Insitu Balancing Supervision with pre and Post Vibration Monitoring.

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