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CBM Audit

CBM Program Audit

Audit through CBM is a reflection of plant improvement initiative undertaken by IIPM facilitating existing maintenance practices w.r.t:

  • Adoption of condition based maintenance across vital value
  • Transiting from break-down maintenance
  • Up-time increase & Reliability of equipments/systems
  • To check at prescribed divisions whether CBM is included in the maintenance plan
  • To check visibility of CBM across the plant
  • Taking Advanced Maintenance Management
  • Increasing awareness of CBM evenly across the plant
  • Increase of knowledge & skill homogeneously

Salient Points for CBM Program Audits Objectivity:

  1. Transition Road-Map: Traditional Maintenance to Productivity Linked Maintenance
  2. Vibration pen & Temperature gun to Meters for effectivity
  3. Transactional to Analytical and to Engineering Approach
  4. Assumption Paradigm to Factual Observations and Inferences:
  • Supplement & Complement L.L.F through Diagnostic Measurement
  • Average to Accurate Data
  • Integrate different CBM observations
  • Develop plant base-line data & trend for RCA
  • Not to equate experts with cost but bracket with Investment
  1. Develop CBM from segmented activities to Expert System
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