• Root Cause Analysis

  • Avoids Costly Downtime By Early Detection Of Root Cause.

  • Eliminates Unnecessary Pre-Maintenance

  • Conserves Costly Lubricant

  • Improves Equipment Performance And Reliability

The four main components of condition monitoring are

  • Analysis for wear metals to provide an indication of the mechanical condition of the unit and allow early detection of faults.

  • Physical testing to detect the presence of contaminants which can indicate problems (e.g. Fuel or water in engine oil and/or cross contamination of lubricants).Test clean lines so foils to ISO4406 and NAS1638.

  • Assessment of the condition of the oil to estimate its remaining service life and allow cost effective top up rather than an unnecessary oil change.

  • Analysis of the oil to ensure that the correct type and grade have been used and that the appropriate additives are present.