Vibration Analysis


One of the oldest Predictive Maintenance Tool but went through continuous Evolutions through Technology Up-gradations and Analytical Inputs. This is undoubtedly the most effective technique to detect mechanical defects in rotating machinery.

Our Consulting services can optimize an existing machine’s performance, resolve the systemic problems that are being detected but not eliminated, or solve the difficult to solve problems.

Our qualified vibration analysts have a clear understanding of spectral analysis and recognizing frequencies and patterns to spot rotating-machinery issues long before they become a serious problem. We take Vibration measurement through Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement Mode in three directions i.e. Vertical, Horizontal and Axial Directions as the case may be. We use advanced test equipments and processes to take on any vibration related machinery issues you may be encountering. This includes Spectrum Analysis, Time waveform Analysis, Phase Signal Analysis, Orbits, Bode plots, Waterfall Plots, Run up/Coast down measurements, Bump tests, Critical speed related faults and many more.

By tracking the way assets are maintained, your plant can extend the service life of its machines and ultimately, cut maintenance costs.

Our vibration analysis service can be utilized as part of a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) strategy or as a one-off troubleshooting investigation.

We'll assess your plant and give recommendations and requirements related to audits.

In House Systems - We can assist you in the best way to setup and maintain your own in house vibration monitoring program.

Commissioning - A full vibration monitoring report prior to plant handover and acceptance.

Balancing - We can balance machinery in-situ.


  • M/c & component’s health assessment and corrective maintenance planning at an early defect stage provides enormous scope for Reduction in maintenance effort & related cost. Optimizes Man – Machine – Material cost impacts. Elimination of secondary damages and reduction of energy losses are other significant gains.

  • Reduces incidents of Human Accidents and catastrophic Failure. Enhances Safety and Precaution.

  • Create Base Line Data (for major over-hauled Equipments or newly installed Plant & machinery)

  • Offers Potential for huge cost Savings thru extended MTBF by detecting beginning wear/defects/faults.

  • Optimize Maintenance Strategy (immediate/decision on outage time)

  • Trending thru CBM, Maintenance Planning or O & M Dept. can arrive at root cause of chronic failures.

  • Improvement in system reliability and availability, resulting increased production level.

  • Helps establishing Bench Mark for Equipment Performance Standards for specific Plant.

  • Notwithstanding the fact that, National and International Standards are only guiding Standards.

  • Offers enough potential for better Planning of Inventory to reduce Spare Parts consumption and inventory carrying costs.